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3 Ways Managed Print Benefits SMBs

by DSI

Today, as choosing, managing, and maintaining technology has become much more complex and confusing, Managed Print Services (MPS) has grown in prominence. MPS is no longer only reserved for major corporations - businesses of every size can benefit! MPS can save you time, money, and resources, helping you to run your business more sustainably.

Along with improved performance, control, and document security, implementing an MPS solution can save your business up to 30% on printing costs.

If you're not sure if Managed Print is right for your business, check out these three ways that Managed Print Services can benefit SMBs:

  1. Reduce Costs 

Month-to-month printing costs can be unpredictable. One benefit of Managed Print Services is that you'll pay a consistent, fixed monthly expense based on the level of service. If unexpected costs like print fleet maintenance or repairs are a budget nightmare, MPS is a great solution. 

With a Managed Print Services solution, you'll enjoy remote monitoring, help desk support, and regular maintenance to reduce downtime risks.

  1. Reduce Wasted Resources and Time

How much time does your IT team spend fixing paper jams? More than 60% of companies in one survey cited an average downtime of two to six hours per incident. Add unnecessary printing, using color for documents that could be printed in black-and-white, and other wasteful practices, and you could be spending thousands of dollars in lost resources and productivity annually!

A Managed Print Services provider can help you eliminate wasteful practices and give you an optimized print environment that improves your bottom line and reduces waste.

  1. Improved Security

Your print environment is one of the most vulnerable areas of your business in terms of security. A Managed Print Services provider can help improve your company's security in terms of devices, documents, and business processes.

With device authentication, document encryption, and swipe-to-print technology, an MPS solution can help secure your business and data from prying eyes. Document management will help you cut down on paper waste and make your data searchable and accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Whether you are large office with many employees or have a small office footprint, MPS is worth a look to see if it can save you time and money. Ask us about a print assessment for your business.



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