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What is Managed Print and Why It's Important to Your Business

by DSI

If you're new to the term Managed Print Services (MPS), you might think that an MPS provider fixes your devices when they go down and manages toner and supplies. The truth is an MPS provider does perform those services, but an MPS solution offers so much more!

A Managed Print solution can offer your business a strategic advantage that can help you to cut costs, streamline workflows, improve security, and help you to provide better customer service.

However, not all MPS solutions are the same. In this post, we'll better define what a Managed Print solution is, and why MPS can help you improve your business operations!

What is Managed Print?

Managed Print is a set of services that are outsourced to a dedicated provider. They are designed to address all issues and challenges related to your print environment, devices, and workflows.

By integrating printers, copiers, and other devices with customizable print management software, businesses of every size can enjoy benefits like reduced toner and paper use, print cartridge recycling, and other green initiatives. An MPS provider will implement remote monitoring of your network and take a proactive approach to maintenance to reduce or eliminate downtime and improve efficiencies.

By implementing these practices, policies, and protocols, most companies can enjoy immediate cost savings of up to 30% with a Managed Print strategy.


The Benefits of an MPS Solution

An MPS provider will help you to create a working strategy to manage and control your print environment. A relationship starts with an assessment of your current environment and workflows to determine potential bottlenecks and explore ways to improve efficiency. An MPS provider will also assess your current devices, learn how your team works, how supplies are ordered and stocked, as well as create a plan to optimize your devices and/or introduce new ones.

An MPS provider can:

  • Identify equipment that is redundant, underused, overused, and obsolete.
  • Provide you with a consistent monthly cost for all printing-related expenses.
  • Reduce paper and consumables by implementing digital document management.
  • Implement rules, processes, and protocols to better control costs like:
    • Limiting color print
    • Requiring double-sided prints unless otherwise specified
    • Route print jobs to the most cost-efficient printer

So, is MPS right for your business? Why not give us a call and ask us about a free print assessment for your business. Let us show you how a Managed Print solution can lower your costs, improve productivity, and reduce waste!




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