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Lexmark News: New Releases and Automation Training

by DSI

Lexmark users have a lot to look forward to. Not only is the global imaging manufacturer releasing a new line of A4 color and monochrome workgroup printers, but it is also extending its services along specific sector lines, as well.

In particular, organizations in the manufacturing and retail sectors can use new Lexmark releases to make their print processes easier and more productive. Sophisticated advances in on-demand printing and cloud services are transforming Lexmark users’ workplaces.

The Latest Lexmark News for Office Managers and Executives

Lexmark has been continuing its tradition of providing world-class imaging solutions to businesses that need mobile-compatible printing in a simple, high-performance package. The manufacturer’s latest announcements point towards key improvements in its ability to serve customer needs in a variety of industry sectors.

1. Enhanced Retail Print and Digital Signage Solution

Retail is one of Lexmark’s key customer sectors – more than 70,000 retail stores around the world use the manufacturer’s products. As a result, the company is very sensitive to the needs of retailers, and there is one area where it is particularly well-suited to meeting the needs of retail organizations.

Lexmark’s Print and Digital Signage Solution is a self-publishing solution that allows retailers to make their own shelf-edge signs, labels, and retail tags. By consolidating their print and digital signage needs in a single enterprise-ready solution, retailers can vastly reduce IT costs while improving the speed and productivity of print processes.

Automated, graphic-rich Lexmark printing with rules-based formatting options can give retailers a great deal of customizability in meeting their signage needs in a scalable way. The new platform features improved mobile capabilities and better process automation for retailers in need of quick and accessible signage solutions.

2. New A4 Color and Monochrome Workgroup Printers

Earlier this year, Lexmark announced the availability of a new generation of large workgroup printers and multifunction devices. The new color devices include the CX522ade, CX421adn, CS421dn, CS521dn, CS622de, , as well as the CX620 Series and CX625 Series. While the larger workgroup monochrome devices include the MX720 Series, MS725 Series, MS820 Series, and MX820 Series.

These devices feature best-in-class durability, performance, and accessibility alongside Lexmark’s characteristically high-quality output. Durable steel frames enclose long-lasting components and powerful state-of-the-art processors designed to accommodate future firmware upgrades over time.

The devices are powerful and flexible enough to complete complex multi-tasking processes, such as sending a fax while running optical character recognition on an incoming print order. These devices feature Lexmark’s award-winning security features that protect sensitive data and allow print management owners to build comprehensive logs for print use.

The new workgroup devices also meet global environmental requirements, using less consumables than prior Lexmark releases and offering better costs-per-page than previous generations of Lexmark hardware. Managed print services customers can use the devices’ built-in set of sensors to predict when interior components fall out of spec, preventing expensive downtime and making preventative maintenance possible.

3. New Training and Certification Solution for Manufacturing

A new cloud-based training and certification solution for manufacturing gives Lexmark multifunction device users the ability to automate paper-oriented employee training processes. This new solution allows training administrators to automate the process of creating, distributing, and grading tests for certification.

The manufacturing sector often has to rely on paper handouts when training employees for occupational health and safety, production line processes, and equipment certification. As with any education environment, the process of grading papers and entering their grades into a database manually is time-consuming and error-prone.

Lexmark supports customized test forms that can be printed on-site through any compatible Lexmark multifunction device. It allows administrators to gain instant information on employee training status, integrating data import, export, and reporting functions with print functions.

4. Cloud Services Suite Improves Onsite Print Security

On October 23rd, Lexmark announced the release of an innovative hybrid cloud service option that keeps print jobs inside corporate firewalls. This cloud services suite allows organizations to manage their print environment better and enjoy real-time security analytics without exposing confidential data.

The new hybrid option allows organizations to meet compliance and bandwidth constraints without making their print fleets vulnerable to cyberattack. By keeping print jobs inside the corporate firewall, only metadata enters the cloud for analysis, improving overall security and compliance.

Lexmark Cloud Print Management and Fleet Management services allow for secure, remote device management at the individual user level. Technicians can update firmware, install apps, and track print usage from any location.

Implement Lexmark Printing at Your Office

Lexmark imaging hardware can significantly reduce the cost of every page you print on a daily basis. Investing in the latest imaging equipment and cloud-based document services that Lexmark provides can help make your organization run more efficiently while improving security and print fleet management.

You can start using state-of-the-art Lexmark technology in your workplace today. Talk to a DSI imaging expert to find out how!

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