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DSI Community Spotlight: Volunteering in New Mexico

by DSI

DSI is committed to paying its successes forward to the local community. As one of Albuquerque’s most reputable local technology providers, we recognize the power of volunteer support in improving the quality of life in our city.

Our involvement in community initiatives include volunteering for education, athletic, and cultural organizations dedicated to making a broad impact on New Mexican society. We’d like to share some of our primary partners for community environment and encourage our partners and customers to volunteer their own time towards making our city a better place for everyone.

Major DSI Community Partnerships

While our team lends time and resources to a broad range of non-profit organizations, charities, and athletics programs, we’d like to share four of our biggest partners for volunteering in New Mexico. These are organizations that rely on DSI for substantial help achieving social progress in the state.

1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico has offered mentoring services to children between the ages 6 and 18 for more than a century. Mentors offer between 4-6 hours per month to children facing adversity, building lasting relationships that have a measurable impact on children’s’ lives.

These monitored, professionally matched mentorships lead to disadvantaged children being more confident in their schoolwork. They are better able to get along with their families and 46% less likely to use illegal drugs.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation has dedicated a great deal of effort into measuring the effect its program has on young people. Volunteers who participate in the program help individual children change their paths by providing positive role models for children to frame their own decisions after.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters positively impact the children they mentor through a variety of activities. These can include anything from playing board games to hiking through the Sandia Foothills – the cultivation of an authentic mentorship is key to the program.

2. Doña Ana Chamber of Commerce

The Doña Ana Chamber of Commerce in Las Cruces operates a number of important community service divisions and committees. These organizations plan charity events, offer workforce development to local residents, and support the local educational system.

The local Council of Conquistadores is crucial to the success of these programs. This corps of volunteers donates man-hours to a variety of non-profit organizations, and helps set up and moderate community events. We encourage our team members and partners to participate in charity events organized by the Doña Ana Chamber of Commerce, and to donate their time to helping the chamber’s non-profit partners maximize their impact on the local community.

3. French Funerals, Grief Resource Center

French Funerals founded the Grief Resource Center as an independent not-for-profit entity dedicated to helping people cope with grief. This organization provides short-term counseling and education services to people who have experienced loss, and organizes a broad range of support groups for the purpose.

The Grief Resource Center relies on volunteers to organize group workshops, educational programs, and community enrichment programs. Examples of group workshops the Grief Resource Center organizes include Sacred Wounds – a Haiku Healing Workshop, taking place on Friday, November 16th.

The Grief Resource Center is dedicated to helping people adapt to a broad range of life-changing events beyond the loss of loved ones. It also provides services for victims of major illnesses, accidents, divorce, and unemployment. These services are key to helping people transition to new lives despite their losses.

It is only with the help of New Mexico volunteers that French Funerals and the Grief Resource Center can reliably continue to offer these important services to people undergoing difficult experiences. We encourage our team to take time out of their schedule to help those in need.

4. S.A.F.E House New Mexico

New Mexico’s S.A.F.E House offers shelter to victims of domestic violence. Albuquerque’s S.A.F.E House is among the largest in the United States, housing up to 85 individuals at a time, providing emergency shelter and keeping victims fleeing domestic abuse off the streets. The organization serves over 700 individuals every year.

S.A.F.E House is a 501c3 non-profit organization that relies on donations to provide goods and services to the people it helps. It is in constant need of shelter supplies, including unworn clothing, full-size toiletries, and unused bedding, pillows, and towels.

In addition to sheltering, S.A.F.E House offers therapy services to its residents and operates a fully staffed kitchen serving over 30,000 meals annually. The organization relies on donations and volunteer support to achieve this admirable goal.

Volunteer in New Mexico’s Most Reputable Community Organizations

DSI is dedicated to giving time and resources to the Albuquerque’s most active community organizations. We thoroughly vet these organizations to ensure that the time, money, and effort that go into them results in real change in the lives of the people who need it most. You can become a part of this change as well.

For more information on organizations that help the Albuquerque community, talk to our corporate social responsibility team.

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