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DSI Has the Tools Your Educational Facility Needs

by DSI

Over the past decade, technology has greatly impacted education. From introducing new ways to interact with families and students, to lesson planning, organizing reports, managing and creating data, and more!

At DSI, we understand the needs of our educational clients and the benefits of technology. We've partnered with some of the most progressive educational technology companies to provide our clients in the industry with solutions to help them shine!

Supporting Our Customers in the Education Sector

At DSI we offer the tools and solutions that help our customers do what they do best! Some of the tools we offer include:

OneScreen Whiteboards

The OneScreen Touchscreen is an interactive whiteboard. It includes a video and audio solution along with a large screen computer in a single device. The OneScreen supports BYOD, remote student attendance, offers real-time access to content and live collaboration, and much more. 

Whiteboard In-Situ-02

Key features include document annotation, record and save in multiple formats, simple screen share, and the ability to share and stream up to four simultaneous devices. It's built to integrate into existing collaborative technology including hardware and software. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, and Chrome. It includes free bilingual support and training via audio, video, email, chat, or phone.

Hovercam Pilot 3 Smart Podiums

We also offer the Hovercam Pilot 3 Digital Podium. It's a fully-integrated wireless teaching station that features a 13-megapixel document camera, a 21-inch touchscreen with wireless HD mirroring functionality, and a Windows PC all in a mobile podium. Pilot 3 eliminates the need for the A/V cart while combining the most important elements used in the digital classroom today. Be free from the desk or lectern and move about the classroom!

Pilot X Smart Podium-InSitu-02

The Pilot 3's wireless transceiver beams the podium's screen and touch annotations to any TV, projector, or interactive flat panel, all in HD resolution, plus it eliminates the hazard of dangling cords and cables. Additionally, you can capture audio and video for every lesson with the built-in camera and microphone.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions

Many DSI educational clients rely on our VoIP solutions to facilitate flexible communication between parents, administrators, teachers, and students. Some DSI VoIP solution benefits include:

  • SoftPhone Deployment - Softphones turn any network-enabled workstation into a phone. This allows teachers and administrators to easily make and receive calls from their laptops or desk.
  • Student Record/Caller ID - We can combine student records and caller ID to let teachers know who's calling automatically.
  • Auto-Call Recording - Auto-recording and its document management capabilities can create organized searchable indexes of call recordings.
  • Cloud-Based VoIP Portal - Our web portal dashboard allows individual employees and administrators to access VoIP service from any Internet-connected device.
  • Extending Routing Options - We can integrate automatic attendants and scheduling options to accommodate high-volume situations instantly, for example weather delays, by creating automatic announcements.

Are you ready to learn more? Call us today! At DSI, we have the solutions that will make your school year the most connected and collaborative yet!





DSI stands for Document Solutions, Inc

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