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How Document Management Software is Used for Transportation

by DSI

Today, transportation and logistics are more complicated than ever before. For many already working in the industry, there's a high likelihood that you are already using some form of electronic document management system for the myriad of paperwork that is required.

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You're probably also aware of the employee time used in the documentation process, and the high cost of human error for your business when mistakes occur. 

How DMS is Used in Transportation and Logistics

Comprehensive, integrated document management system software can help logistics companies avoid the bottlenecks that create shipping delays and late delivery of shipments. A DMS provides businesses a centralized system for managing freight including freight bills, bills of lading, proof of concept, and other critical documents.

A DMS improves workflows and allows for more efficient order tracking and support for various shipping stages. With a DMS, companies can operate and thrive in a margin-sensitive industry.

As well as managing the documents generated a DMS allows for the management of information across all departments, including accounting, customer service, and HR. It can also assist with scanning and record-keeping for compliance.

Here at DSI, we've teamed up with Square 9 to provide document management solutions that eliminate manual data entry and seamlessly integrate with specialized industry software.

The Benefits of DSI Document Management Software

Our DMS software is designed for the transportation industry. It allows you to scan documents, and using capture automation, to build a secure, digital database. Keep your drivers on time with instant access to digital documents, anywhere at any time.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Simplify data entry with point and click KeyFree Indexing. No need for typing!
  • Track vehicle and driver records to ensure safety and compliance when on the road.
  • Prepare for audits and compliance reporting with accurate, easily accessible, and organized records.
  • Eliminate unnecessary document storage and mailing costs.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing software, desktop scanners, and multifunction print devices.

As new technologies and advances in automation emerge, the benefits of a DMS for logistics and transportation companies is a must! From more transparent workflows to advanced administration, better tracking, faster sign-off, and POD approval, now is the time to upgrade your system.

If you're considering a document management system, DSI Software Solutions has you covered! Call us today and let us show you how a DMS can help your business grow and thrive!

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