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PaperCut and Print Fleet: Why Healthcare Needs Follow-Me Printing

by DSI

Healthcare is a realm of constant technological change. Not only is science developing more effective means of treating conditions and diseases, but healthcare offices are subject to the changing nature of the modern office. To make matters more challenging, healthcare organizations need the most reliable and efficient solutions because time lost to downtime or inefficiencies can mean lives lost.

Healthcare offices need reliable and efficient printing solutions to carry out their most critical functions. DSI supplies those solutions through leveraging PaperCut and PrintFleet. Read on to discover what this software does and how it will benefit a healthcare organization.

The Role of Printing Solutions in Healthcare

Like modern offices, printing solutions play a critical role in healthcare organizations. These offices handle a tremendous amount of paperwork and data daily, and they need to do so efficiently. Solutions such as managed print services or professional infrastructure development help doctors or nurses achieve the operational efficiency they need. As a result, they enjoy the ability to:

Create paper trails. Paper trails, or documented evidence, help support things like histories, compliance or other medical records to keep care and stories straight.

Improve communication clarity. The ability to access, print and transmit information improves communication whether it is getting patients the correct form or the correct background information for their prescriptions or conditions.

Support a mobile environment. Healthcare offices represent highly dynamic, mobile environments. Printing solutions support mobile capabilities to enable professionals to stay on the go.

Move data faster and more securely. Modern printers, especially multifunction printers, support many capabilities which assist with office efficiency. Additionally, they help keep documents and data secure even as it moves throughout an office.

Keep devices secure. Visibility of all copiers and printers is the first step to ensuring physical device security, and print solutions accomplish exactly that. A healthcare office can know exactly who is printing what, when, where and why.

Reduce unnecessary printing. Like other businesses, healthcare organizations must reduce operating expenses to remain competitive. Eliminating unnecessary printing helps drive down the costs of the print infrastructure and free up funds for more pressing initiatives.

PaperCut and PrintFleet for Healthcare Organizations

Print management software is one way in which companies can establish control over and visibility of their print environment. DSI uses two services in its managed print solutions: PaperCut and PrintFleet.

What Is PaperCut?

PaperCut is a print management software which provides tracking and monitoring of print jobs. It’s flexible enough to integrate with BYOD policies and decentralized printing, but rigorous enough to implement advanced custom job management and user permissions.

PaperCut helps offices improve their print security and reduce their printing by instituting stricter access controls and print tracking. With PaperCut, an office can see exactly what gets printed, where and why – and take steps to mitigate unauthorized printing.

What Is PrintFleet?

PrintFleet is a family of print management solutions products which provide data collection and backend support of a company’s printing environment. It helps optimize a print environment by creating a “snapshot” of all devices in a print environment. Using this data, managed print service providers can help identify opportunities for mechanical improvements. That might include redeploying devices more strategically or adjusting a device’s settings for more efficient toner usage.

How to Use Them Together to Optimize Office Efficiency

PaperCut and PrintFleet are two sides of an effective managed print solution. PrintFleet provides information to make data-driven decisions about deployment and printer use, while PaperCut improves efficiency with better access control.

Together[1] , these software programs enable healthcare organizations to adopt a strategy known as “follow-me printing.” PrintFleet helps support mobile printing, ensuring that a healthcare provider can print to the nearest printer from his or her mobile device. PaperCut creates the permissions environment necessary to ensure that the provider always has the correct level of access to print.

Trust DSI for Reliable Printing Solutions

If there’s an industry which needs the most reliable, effective solutions for all its office processes, it’s healthcare. Organizations in this industry rely on paperwork to carry out their most critical business functions, and they need to do so securely. Leveraging print tracking and management software such as PaperCut and PrintFleet are among some of the most popular – and effective – ways to accomplish this. These tools allow healthcare offices of all types quickly, securely and efficiently take control of their printing.

DSI is a premier printing solutions provider for healthcare organizations in New Mexico. Contact us today to get started transforming your office’s printing environment.

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