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Why Your Classroom Needs Collaboration Tools

by DSI

Whether they are present in the classroom or logging on from home, it's challenging to keep students engaged in schoolwork. Often concentration on the lesson, IS the lesson!

Recently, a Carnegie Mellon University study found that students are 6 times more likely to learn from interactive activities. Students that can physically engage when learning, for example manipulating data, drawing pictures, and getting answers to questions, experience more touchpoints, create neural connections and make lasting memories.

Collaboration tools like interactive flat panels empower both teachers and students. They facilitate interactive discussions, allow for research of online resources, assess knowledge, foster collaborative activities, and much more.

Here at DSI, we are proud to offer solutions to help educators connect with students. OneScreen touchscreens and videowalls are engaging, interactive, and effective for reaching and connecting with students.

OneScreen Touchscreen T6

The T6 is perfect for streaming, screen sharing, presenting, searching, drawing, and lesson planning. The T6 comes with a one-year subscription to Meerkat Software and 1 free Meerkat badge. It includes lesson planning tools that easily integrate into your existing lessons. You can build new lessons in real-time using multiple file-formats, then share and save lessons for anytime student access. Other features include:

  • Easy Presentation and Capture Tools
  • Drag and Drop Files
  • One-click Access to your Network and the Web
  • Full Google Play Store Access
  • Student Interaction Tools – Including Polling and Voting

Students can be in the classroom or remote. The T6 supports all existing in-class devices from Chromebooks to tablets and iPads.

OneScreen Touchscreen TL6

The TL6 brings your lessons to life! You can easily manipulate content – zoom and rotate pictures, pages, and any on-screen content. Annotate on pictures, web pages, videos, documents, and more. For larger spaces, the TL6 easily integrates with the OneScreen Video Wall for real-time presentation control of content for large student groups. Features include:

  • Adapts to Multiple Devices
  • Hands-on Engagement, Infinite 4k Whiteboard
  • High-Precision Touch for the Most Responsive Writing Experience
  • Supports Fine Pen and Fingertip Recognition

The TL6 is OneScreen's most cost-effective option at half the price of the T6 and is (TAA) Army Base Compliant.

OneScreen LED Videowall

With its lightweight, slim body, and modular design, the OneScreen LED Videowall saves space, integrates with external devices, and makes your room brilliant! It features a seamless surface with adjustable brightness and color temperature and 100% image restoration. These videowalls offer wireless mirroring, remote videoconferencing, multi-windows splicing, a 160-degree super-wide viewing angle, and 100,000 hours of service life. OneScreen Hubware and Touchscreen give you a powerful real-time presentation video wall.

The 110-inch model is available on subscription. Purchase it at an affordable cost, paid monthly or annually. Our 138-inch screen includes white glove installation service including delivery and set up from a OneScreen expert.

If you're looking for a better way to connect with students, give us a call to schedule a demonstration. Let us show you all the benefits of OneScreen technology for your classroom.




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