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Video Surveillance Solutions Paired with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

by DSI

One of the many industries touched by the development of artificial intelligence is video surveillance. The pairing of AI with video surveillance represents a remarkable security advancement. It is making surveillance more powerful and accurate than ever before.

AI augments security integration systems by introducing a greater ability to synthesize and react to data in real time. The result is increased security and more creative applications for this technology. AI brings many advantages to video surveillance, and it is becoming increasingly easier to implement.

What AI Brings to Video Surveillance

At its core, smart video surveillance relies on the ability to rapidly and accurately assess multiple actors in a dynamic scene. However, these four benefits show the many applications of artificial intelligence. Examples below include security, quality control, and even wildlife conservation.

AI makes searching videos more efficient.

The ability of AI to rapidly analyze a scene makes searching for specific items, behaviors or moments much faster. Google CCTV, for example, uses a web platform called Ella which uses machine learning to break down the metadata of a video. As a result, users can search through surveillance video using much the same process as performing a Google search.

This cuts down on the human labor required to pore through video surveillance when searching for a specific event. As a result, response time to situations requiring attention increases. The ability to document these situations improves.

Motion anomaly detection improves security.

An area of particular interest in video surveillance is the ability to detect unexpected or abnormal behavior. Motion anomaly detection attempts to determine when a behavior falls out of bounds for what is expected in a specific area. Simple motion detection is widespread in surveillance cameras. However, motion anomaly detection relies on data analytics to provide autonomous situational awareness.

Smart monitoring identifies people and things.

AI has the ability to identify people and things rapidly. The security implications are immediately obvious. However, this feature opens the door for more creative applications as well. For example, scientists at the Northern Territory Fisheries use artificial intelligence to identify and count the fish in Darwin Harbor.

Data analytics increases quality control.

Most applications of artificial intelligence in video surveillance result in security advancements. However, machine learning is also revolutionizing quality control. For example, smart surveillance uses data analytics and anomaly detection to determine if parts are the correct shape or size.

This changes the way quality control occurs. A human would have previously spot-checked small batches of a product. However, AI means that every single piece can be checked against a repository of “normal” examples. The result is higher production quality, faster problem identification and a leaner process with less waste.

Implementing AI for Video Surveillance Is Easy and Smart

Like other aspects of artificial intelligence, AI for video surveillance is not meant to replace the human in the system. Much like a human being, AI needs to be trained to understand requirements, circumstances, and environment. Nonetheless, implementing artificial intelligence in a security integration system is easy and smart. It can occur in two ways.

1. Smart Video Surveillance Software

Indoor and outdoor security cameras can leverage artificial intelligence and optical recognition technologies. This enables features such as visitor vetting, real-time emergency data, and security analytics. Together, these help maintain an up to date risk management plan.

Implementing surveillance software may be as simple as deploying cloud solutions. It may also be as robust as installing an on-site facility according to business needs. With either option, the use of video surveillance software places the ability to oversee facility security in the hands of the business.

2. Managed Security Services

Some businesses may require more comprehensive security solutions. As such, they may choose to invest in managed security services. Managed services focus on intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance to provide complete security coverage. As such, artificial intelligence may be deployed in more dynamic ways.

Managed services have the advantage of trained professionals who understand how to use artificial intelligence alongside other cutting-edge security tools. This results in the ability to mine this technology more deeply. In turn, it grants businesses the invaluable ability to respond rapidly.

Getting Started with AI and Video Surveillance

Advancements in the field of AI are revolutionizing the way businesses approach security. AI brings several powerful benefits to video surveillance. For example, the ability to search through footage makes finding events easier.

There are many applications for AI in video surveillance which fall outside security. Hopefully, we have provided ideas to employ this powerful technology creatively in businesses. If you’re curious about the use of artificial intelligence for your business needs, we encourage you to contact us. Speak with a video surveillance expert to learn what it can do for you.

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