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What Artificial Intelligence Can Do for the Future of Managed Services

by DSI

Developing in the near future is the reality of artificial intelligence solutions. For almost a century, AI has been the darling of science fiction. It's captured the imaginations of people through popular culture with hyper-advanced computer systems and human-like robots.

Such visions will probably remain in the imagination. However, AI already brings many benefits to businesses. It’s a rapidly developing field, and its role is expected to grow. AI will disrupt almost every industry which touches the digital sphere.

For managed services, AI represents a new horizon of exciting possibilities. Why? AI is uniquely adapted to the digital environment and well-suited to the nature of work conducted by MSP software. Here’s a look at how artificial intelligence solutions might impact managed services.

Why AI Is So Valuable

AI is valuable because it’s fully evolved to thrive in a digital, automated world. This is what the trajectory of technology is currently hurtling towards. We stand on the advent of the next technological revolution. It is one which will bring faster speeds and greater complexity to our technology. In this regard, AI has two specific advantages over other forms of technology:

1. Machine learning speeds up the pace of evolution for businesses.

Machine learning is a specific form of artificial intelligence. It allows a program to analyze and synthesize external data, updating its knowledge without human input. It was first theorized in 1950 by Alan Turing. Machine learning today is used to personalize a user’s experience with technology.

For example, Siri, Alexa, and Google Now use machine learning. They synthesize user commands to refine responses that are most relevant to a user. Over time, these devices are able to provide more specific and personalized help.

Since this process is ongoing, a system can evolve as long as there is input. There is also no longer need to crunch data manually – AI does this, too. Business systems which use machine learning exist in a state of constant evolution. This eliminates the threat of falling behind.

2. AI frees up humans to do the tasks which cannot be automated.

It’s unlikely that artificial intelligence will ever be autonomous. Somebody needs to oversee the machine learning systems. Likewise, there are plenty of tasks which cannot be automated. However, artificial intelligence solutions free up humans to perform those tasks. One example of this includes automated support tickets. Chatbots handle the basic requests, while humans deal with everything else.

What Improvements Do Artificial Intelligence Solutions Add to Managed Services?

With machine learning and automation, AI has several applications in managed services. AI soon could deepen the ability of managed services to provide comprehensive security and workflow oversight. Here are three ways that could occur.

Anomaly Detection

Machine learning involves synthesizing patterns and conducting behavioral analyses. First, a baseline, or normal behavior for a server, Internet traffic, or flow of people in an area, is defined. From here, AI can identify instances of abnormal behavior. This represents a crucial advantage of AI. The one constant in cyber-attacks involves the presence of abnormal behavior.

Data Analytics

The use of machine learning puts this industry in a prime position to harness AI for data analytics in IT. With the infrastructure already in place, managed services can easily expand to include other metrics. This might include consumer metrics. Likewise, it might also involve internal data which allows a managed service to switch from reactively addressing needs, to proactively anticipating them. Data analytics represents one of the most powerful applications for artificial intelligence.

Optimized Energy Use

Artificial intelligence can easily oversee an entire digital infrastructure. This will facilitate energy savings. Some early examples of this feature already exist such as intelligent lighting. By monitoring the traffic flow of a server or building, AI can implement power, resource, and money-saving measures. As a result, AI can reduce operating expenses and environmental impacts.

Preparing for the Future

AI solutions represent an exciting frontier in the possibilities of managed services. Both machine learning and AI will increase the speed at which market evolution occurs. It also augments the agility with which businesses respond to and anticipates shifts.

However, AI will not replace humans in any capacity. Instead, humans and machines will work together. This will create a more streamlined and efficient infrastructure.

Staying up to speed with developing trends in managed services better enables better custom solutions. If you’re curious about other possibilities which might meet your needs, we encourage you to reach out. Start a conversation with an expert today.

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